Saturday, October 8, 2011

Aries - Aries Love Match

Each one of the two Aries natives try to take over the love relationship .Many times , this affair gives rise to hot passions, but none of the partners is not content to remain on the second place of a love partnership .

Into a sexual relationship Aries - Aries , the woman is always the dominating partner , but Aries man will not be glad for a long time to be seen as a slave .Both of them are trying to impose their views and this tendency is likely to cause strives and disputes .As result , their bedroom is like a battlefield.

While this is not always the best love match , the partnership between two Aries natives can go further if each of them loves their partner long enough so to give up even a small part of his individuality. The natal chart of the couple Aries - Aries may indicate the weaknesses and the strengths of this relationship and how the two lovers can keep a relationship happy and full of harmony.

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  1. Two aries's will make a great love relationship as both of them are up their game and know exaclt what they want