Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hair Superstitions and Spells

Between the most important features of our physical appearance, hair is one of the first places to which your gaze when you meet someone for the first time. If the tone or the color of the hair  instinctively seem to provide us a subjective first impression, its density and texture suggests, usually youth, health and attractiveness, while hair loss is associated with old age and disease. Therefore, it is not surprising that the capillary adornment  gave birth in ancient times, to various legends and superstitions ...

- They say that if you want to prevent headaches during the year, you should to have a haircut on Good Friday (Easter Friday).
- Reddish women, like Cleopatra and Queen Elizabeth I, are often irritable or nervous. Dark brown or black hair denotes strength, while light brown hair proves, often,  shyness.
- If a man has a scanty hair around the forehead , he will get a long life. If a woman's hair is characterized by a swirl  above the forehead, she will survive her husband. If, suddenly, a woman's hair creases above the forehead, her husband does not have much longer to live.

- If you drop down the comb while you brush your hair, you'll have a great disappointment in the near future.
-If you shave your head in a Saturday, you'll be burden with debts for life.
- If you want to have good luck, do not you ever wash your hair the day before an exam.
- To have a lustruos hair, never cut it when the moon wanes.
- If you want your hair grow faster, cut it during a full moon.
- A universal popular remedy to thicken your hair is to cut it shorter and often.
- If you pluck a white hair from the head, there will grow instead three,  seven or ten white threads of hair.
- In ancient times, in Ireland, if a traveler met a woman with red hair, he had to return in his way and end his journey.
- Don't throw away your hair after a haircut; it must be burned. If you throw away your hair, you get unlucky, because it  may be picked up by a  bird, to weave a nest. Birds you will weave it  so tight that, the next morning, you will be very tired or  you'll have headaches, or you will have the same fate as the young birds .
- Beware of anyone who can steal your cut hair. If a malicious person has your hair, you could become the victim of a plot or evil spells.
- Each day is fast or damaging to hair cutting. Thus, if you cut it on a Monday, you will be blessed with good health, if you do it Tuesday, will earn some wealth, if cut  your hair on Wednesday, you'll receive good news , hair cutting in a Thursday predicts that you will have new shoes; cut your hair on a Friday, and will'll get some trouble. Saturday is a day proper hair trimming, because the next day will have the opportunity to meet your true love. A hair cutting on Sunday announce that the devil will be around you throughout the week.
- Coarse hair suggests kindness, thin hair indicates a nervous or a wild nature.
- In some parts of Europe and U.S., people believe that you should beware of the men who have a certain color of hair on the head, and another to the moustache.
- The hair color growing on her neck may indicate to a girl what hair color will have her future husband.
- The hair growing on a woman's upper lip is a harbinger of wealth.
- Hairy arms of a man suggest force and power.
- Throw into the fire a few threads of your hair and if they burn slowly, you will enjoy a long life.
- A straight hair suggests a very inventive or misleading nature, a curly hair is typical for jovial people, and a long hair indicates strength and luck.
- A sudden fear or  terror could whitens whole your hair.
- If a pregnant woman experience an itchy tickling feelings in the abdomen, her baby will be born with a lot of hair on the head.
- Pregnant women who eat maize have the chance to give birth to children with long brown hair.
- Do not cut the hair of a child less then one year old, unless you want him to be very seriously ill.
- After the first anniversary of a baby, choose someone with whom you would like to resemble the child and ask him to cut his hair for the first time. In this way, the child's life will be like the life of his first barber.
- It's bad luck to comb or cut  the baby hair while he is sleeping.
- Do not throw the hair left after the first haircut of the child. Place it between pages of a book. In this way he'll become very clever.
. Babies with two swirls of hair on the head tend to become stubborn and nasty. The children with three hair swirls are very lucky.
- If you go to bed with wet hair, you will go blind or your hair will be prematurely white.
- Women who wash their hair on the first day of the menstrual cycle  risk to become insane. Those who wash their hair every night during the menstrual cycle, can lose very much blood, becoming very weak or sick.
- Do not comb your hair in front of a window in a  full moon night. In this way, you invite to you the demons and could  fall prey to illness.
- If you comb your hair while the storm, you'll get lucky.
- A love charm! Pluck a thread of  your hair, including the root, then burn it and mix the resulting ashes in a beverage for   the person you want to love you.
- Do not cut the hair of a relative who is very ill.
- It is a sign of bad luck like cutting or shaving when a relative is seriously ill.
- Combing your hair immediately after the death of a parent brings unrest to his soul.

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