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Love Horoscope November 2012


Under the influence of Venus and Uranus opposition on November 2, 2012, you can fall prey to an imaginary love, a more physical than an emotional attraction. Be careful, and do not do things that you regret later. Some tensions may give rise to the desire to have more freedom of movement in the relation to your partner. Some Rams, eager to get rid of an old love story, may inadvertently throw in the arms of untrustworthy people.

On November 14, 2012, the New Moon in Scorpio and in the eighth house of Aries revitalizes your love and the passion drive. Be careful lest your affection to not be turn into an unbearable possessiveness for your beloved person!

Souls tend to merge through sensuality from November 22, 2012,   the beginning day of the Venus transit in Scorpio and in the eighth house of Aquarius. You have the chance to reach a new high level of sentimental and erotic connection…


You need to express your individuality and your affection for your beloved person on November 14, 2012, thanks to the New Moon from Scorpio and the seventh house of Taurus. Feelings can not be withheld under the guise of nonchalance and are demanding an imperious expression. You feel safe in the presence of your partner.

From November 22, 2012, the transit of Venus in Scorpio and your seventh house marks a period during which you can enjoy an enhanced mutual devotion in your relationship. Again, the emphasis is on the need to share your feelings on the whole. If you have been through a fight with your beloved person, now this problem is constantly adjusting by itself. You have all the conditions to highlight your charm. If you're still single, you have the opportunity to meet the person of your dreams for. If you already have a partner, your love life seems to become rich and to gain in intensity and affection.


Retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius and the seventh house Gemini can put you, from November 7, 2012, in a confusing situation in your relationship as a couple. Maybe you have a wrong idea about your partner or maybe your loved one fails to see you in what you think to be essential.

Your love sensuality and intimacy intensifies from November 17, 2012, as a result of the trip of Mars in Capricorn and your eighth house. If you're already in a relationship, make the most of these effluvia to renew and revitalize your relationship. If you're single, you must to strive to not identify a physical attraction with a true love.

Beginning with November 21, 2012, Sun transit in Saggitarius and in the seventh house of Gemini, bring to light obscure or neglected aspects of your love connection. These revelations can provide you great delights or questions about the loved one. Do not be driven by the impulse of the moment, and look what happens to you from a broad perspective.


The New Moon Rising on November 14, 2012, in Scorpio and in the fifth house of Cancer gives you a refreshing boldness and charm in a love relationship. Impetuosity help you overcome insurmountable barriers in love affairs. Beware, however, because you tend to give priority to your pleasures, neglecting  those of your partner.

Love seems to pass through many storms from November 17, 2012,  because of the transit of Mars in Capricorn and in your seventh house. Martian effluvia tend to give rise to heated arguments with your loved one, followed by  hot reconciliation and renewal of love vows.

Beginning with 22 November, 2012, Venus in Scorpio and in your fifth house gives you attractiveness and brings you around some great romantic opportunities. In such a context, feelings find their way unbridled and nothing can't stop love sharing and feelings reciprocity. Cancers people who are already in a relationship seem to indulge in a vigorous revitalization connection with the loved one. Those alone are about to engage in a promising love affair.


From November 11, 2012, the Neptune passing in direct transit in Pisces and in the eighth house of Leo coincides often with damaging or too pink revival of romantic illusions. Some natives of Leo are aware, suddenly, that the attraction for a person is only physical, and has nothing to do with a real emotional sharing, while others seem to find that platonic love brings sometimes cruel disappointments.

Your love relationship seems to be more than burning on 21 November, the beginning day of the Sun transit in Sagittarius and in your fifth house. Consuming passion can cause you to make big gestures or declarations of love. Honesty and loyalty of the loved one seems to reach up to heaven. .


Beginning with November 11, 2012, Neptune leaves his retrograde transit in Pisces and in the seventh house of the Virgo, providing you a more objective view of your relationship of love. You have the potential to make easier the difference between illusion and reality, especially through honest communication with your loved one.

Mars transit in Capricorn and in your fifth house brings from November 17, 2012, a burning passion in your love life. Beware, however, for a possible impulse to impose your will to your partner.


The Venus opposition with Uranus on November 2, 2012,  and the square between Venus and Pluto on November 3 creates less auspicious prospects in love relationships. If the first astral aspect attraction favours a superficial attraction, more physical rather than emotional, the second tends to give rise to secret passions and desires, feelings of jealousy and fears, not beneficial in a couple connection. You act impulsively or despotic to your partner, leaving you led rather by emotion than by reason. However, some natives of Libra can deepen the connection with your their loved one, especially if you do not hesitate to open up their souls to a total sincerity and honesty.


Love comes down from heaven from November 11, 2012,  forcing you to give up some idealistic aspirations but damaging in a long term relation. Material or financial imperatives join willy-nilly with your love story. This in the influence of Neptun going back in direct transit in Pisces and in the fifth house of Scorpio.

The visit of Venus in Scorpio and in your first house can determine you, beginning with November 22, 2012, to be really in touch with your loved one. However, the single Scorpio natives have the opportunity to be guided by the planet of love to someone special, with the ability to bring light in their life path.


From November 22, 2012, when Venus comes in the realms of Scorpio and in the twelfth house of Sagittarius, love is enveloped in a cloak of mystery. There are favourable circumstances for secret love relationships, hidden from the eyes of the world, and even from those of your friends.


The square between Pluto and Venus from November 3, 2012,  tends to give rise to some problems in love. Although some of the natives of Capricorn seem to be possessed of possessiveness and jealousy, others, more honest and sincere in sharing their affection, have a new chance to connect with their loved one.

Beginning with November 17, 2012, the transit of Mars in Capricorn and in your first house supports you to declare without any shyness or restraint your deep feelings for the loved one. You are able make some dramatic gestures to show your love. Single Capricorn natives have at hand a big opportunity to conquer a very special person.

Venus in Scorpio and your eleventh house gives you free path, from November 22, 2012, to friendly relationships with your loved one. If you think that love and friendship can't ever go hand in hand, now's your chance to find that you were wrong.

Emotional fusion of love reaches a very high level because of the Venus sextile with Pluto from November, 2012. Your sensuality seems to approach a mystic eroticism. Through the revealing of your inner being, with all your strength and weakness, you can ensure real harmony in your love relationship. Venus sextile with Pluto, taking place on November 29, 2012, accentuates your creativity and warmth being in love.


The presence of Venus in Scorpio and in the tenth house of Aquarius can facilitate, from the November 22, 2012, the beginning of a love affair with someone having to do with your job or with your daily responsibility. Be careful, though, to not closely intertwine your professional life with love life...

On November 28, 2012, the Full Moon in Gemini and in your fifth house inspires an overwhelming desire to share your feelings to your loved one. The couple life has priority over the social or professional life.


A romantic adventure away from home or an escape of love from daily routine could happen from November 22, 2012, because of the Venus transit in Scorpio and in your ninth house. Happiness is in the air for the married couples. Single Pisces natives have often  the chance to meet their soul mate!

Genuine love has no place where there are not mutual sacrifices and dedication. The Full Moon rising on November 28, 2012, in Gemini and in your seventh house announces a time of negotiations and compromise in a love relationship. It is expected that sincerity and fidelity in a relationship to be tested, even without the intervention of the loved one.

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