Monday, May 21, 2012

Aries in Love and Marriage

In marriage or a love relationship, Aries prefers passive affable, polite partners, affable, people endowed with grace and ability of social communication. This is a hidden side of Aries personality, a feature which, many times, in not a conscious one.

Aries tends to aggressively pursue what he likes. Often, he is inclined to obey an impulse decision to marry or form a couple. A thing like this happens especially when Venus or the Sun is in Aries . If an Aries make a sudden romantic passion for you, he'll persist in his advances even your answer is a categorical "NO."

Although, in a relationship, Aries can become be exasperating (especially, if he isn't understood by the partner), he is never consciously cruel or nasty. He acts in this way because he is extremely independent and confident. To understand the opinion or the pint of view of somebody else is for him frequently an impossible mission. For this reason, Aries partner must to develop, through himself, real abilities of social flexibility.

On the other hand, Aries is honest, and can be a very reliable partner. You can trust him, because with a person like this, you can always know the stage of your love or couple relationship. Aries compensates his lack of diplomacy with an essential surplus of integrity and loyalty.

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