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Gemini Horoscope June 2012

Gemini Horoscope for June 2012 predicts lucky events in the social life, a great desire to set up and reach ambitious financial goals, and the chance to find again the shortest path from ideals to reality.

On June 1, the conjunction between Mercury and Venus opens up the doors to a very active social activity. You seem to feel among people like a fish in water, always ready to engage in sparkling  discussions, make jokes, tell people without any hindrance, what you feel and think. The persons around welcome you warmly and want you to be around them. The great desire to interact with others does not leave to much time for yourself.

The trine between Mercury and Saturn on June 3 bring you closer to the logical thinking and make you appreciate more realistic your surroundings. Therefore, you have the chance to solve some problems that hound you for a long time.

On June 4, the Full Moon and the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius heavens suggest you to find a beneficial balance in the one-to-one relationships, like those with a marriage partner, a business partner or an opponent. You’ll discover, suddenly, that the destiny gives you more chances in the professional or social life.

What think others about you is a major concern under the impact of the conjunction between Sun and Venus on June 6. Probably, you’ll try to pay more attention to how you look, how you dress, how "work" your attractiveness arsenal. You want to bathe in pleasures, and even spend a lot of money for that, but this trend does not exclude material ambitions, so it's expected to meet some people that might be useful to your business or profession.

From June 11, the optimism, the self-confidence, the joy of living, are only some of the gifts received from Jupiter, in his journey through Gemini and your first house. You have a relaxed attitude towards life, you are generous with others and your hopes seem to be more entitled. The past and its worries are gone for ever, and the present conveys you, willy-nilly, to a promising future. Your longing to be appreciated by others is easily fulfilled. It is great period to develop your skills and to enhance your not enough exploited mental resources. On the other hand, you risk to be too full of yourself, even arrogant, or to be reckless about the details of daily existence.

The delights of life attract you on June 19, when the New Moon arises in Cancer heavens. You need to live fully, not anyway, but according to your fondest ideals. For this reason, you can have the desire to give up all things that no longer serve you and to embrace an essential change.

On June 20, Venus sextiles Uranus, giving to you new opportunities to get involved in the social sphere, to meet people you respect and you and are respected by you. The persons around you are willing to help you only if you are able to support them in return. Your strength points don’t go unnoticed by others.

A damaging impatience is often installed on June 25, as effect of the square between Neptune and Jupiter. In this context, the impulse to gamble or speculate, only to change suddenly your destiny, could put you in a bad light. Try to avoid an excessive pride or, even the self-praise, aroused by the desire to draw others attention on you..

In the same day of June 25, Saturn turn direct in Libra and in the fifth house of Gemini, restraining your urge to exaggerate and awakening the desire to review your goals. If at the beginning of this transit you’ll feel somehow unsure of yourself and the way you are viewed by others, by the end you’ll have chance to regain your confidence and the way that you have to follow to fulfill yourself.

Also, beginning with June 25, when Mercury begin to transit in Leo, your mind tends to become more active and energetic, and you seem to be eager to find new ways to put it at work. If you can’t find some ways to effectively channel your intellectual restlessness, you risk falling prey to an invading inner anxiety. This period is a favourable for communication, study and learning. A relative seems to have, suddenly, a great importance in your everyday life.

On June 27, Venus turns direct in Gemini and your first house, clarifying what you have to do to improve your personal image in the eyes of other people. You could realize that the best way to assert yourself is to be honest. Hypocrisy may harm not only in contact with others, but also in relationship with yourself!

A positive prospect takes hold of you, from June 29, under the influence the sextile between Mercury and Jupiter. Cooperation with others is intense, especially because you seem to inspire ingenious solutions for their problems. This astrological event brings benefits through communication, study, short trips. It is a good period to submit applications and resumes.

Gemini Love Horoscope in June 2012

On June 4, the lunar eclipse from the seventh house of Gemini make you understand the problems between you and your partner. You need to harmonize your couple relationship, to make compromises and to negotiate with your lover. Some of the natives could be faced with commitment tests in love. The lonely natives have the opportunity to meet a very special person.

The love with a big ”L” surrounds you on June 6, when Sun conjuncts Venus. Sex plays an important role in your life, and the temptation to flirt seems to be compelling. You want to conquer, but not necessarily to be conquered.

Gemini's Money & Career Horoscope in June 2012

The conjunction between Mercury and Venus on June 1 is opportune for business transactions and trade.

From June 4, Neptune retrograde in Pisces and in the tenth house of Gemini breaks up rigid attitudes towards your work and your role in society. Perhaps you are too much driven by routine and you let pass away, without even blinking, some important financial or professional opportunities. It's the time to reassess your career path and to take much care in your way to success and professional achievements.

As a result of the transit of Mercury in Cancer and Gemini's second house, beginning with June 7, you are inclined to analyze carefully your income and expenses balance. You are not willing to scatter your time in frivolous activities and discussions. You can discover new ways to fill your wallet, especially through communication with influential people.

On June 19, the presence of the New Moon in your second house on boosts your financial ambitions. You tend to plan your material goals harshly and to reflect, very seriously, new means to make extra money.

The visit of the Sun in Cancer and Gemini's second home on June 20 focus you on the material aspects of existence and your personal comfort. Money does not cease to haunt you. Maybe you are going through some financial difficulties and can’t think at something else. However, you are not at all inclined to take out from your pocket the wallet or the bank card , and try to buy only what is strictly necessary.

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