Thursday, May 9, 2013

I Miss You Mother - O Mother Poem by Grigore Vieru

I miss you, mother,
Beneath the stars, the rivers flow
Together with my eye drop.
I miss your gaze,
I miss you, mother.
My little mother: a garden
Full of flowers, nuts and apples,
The light of my eyes,
The skies of my mouth!
You little mother: an eternity,
An immortal book
About longing and kindness
And a song without death!
A hungry wind grabs the tree
And blow the leaves away.
I miss your arms,
I miss you, mother.
Again and again, the lion of winter yawns,
With blizzards in his mane.
I miss your warm talking,
I miss you, mother.
A star touches my face
Or, maybe, is your scarf.
My hair is white, and I am old almost.

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